Humans of England

A common mistake everyone makes about England natives is that they are all posh old timers with wardrobes  full of “proper clothes” and plaid fabrics, this is not the case. A melting pot of ALL international cultures only begins to describe England’s aesthetic.

The trend there is originality. Whether it be in the way you dress or in your actions, everyone finds a unique way to stand out amongst the sea of people.

Friendly faces, broad smiles, and cheerful laughs decorate the air. Everyone waves hello and goodbye, regardless of appearance. Chatter, although not like the booming conversations found in every corner of Miami , fills the streets with life.

Although, that was just in the beginning. The curtain fell when we visited Whales and the bus grew with sick teenagers. As we filled our cheeks with the nasty insides, and rubbed out stomachs with worry for our health, we searched or help from the local doctors. Instead they turned us away multiple times. Kept us sick away from the bathrooms, forget the medicine.

Forgetting that, only focusing on our cheerful bus driver and listening to calming voice of our tour guide, the natives where welcoming. Ready to share their traditions and home with U.S




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